Issues and Priorities

Empower Working Families

Regina Lewis-Ward speaking  at community townhall

Hard-working families are the force behind Georgia's economy and are deserving of a livable wage. Housing, utilities, food, childcare, and medical costs are skyrocketing, and tuition for a college education is completely out of reach for many young Georgians. All this while wages remain stagnant. Working with city and county governments to attract and retain high-paying jobs in our district, fighting against social injustice that drive away business development, and pursuing resources to support small businesses, especially  minority or women owned, are a few important issues Regina will keep in the forefront as she works tirelessly to empower working families. 

Invest in Education

Regina Lewis-Ward celebrates 2019 National Summer Week, Literacy Day.

Quality education is essential to a community's success and helps lift people out of poverty. Georgia spends less on the typical student than many other states. Regina supports investing more in our children earlier in life so that every child in Georgia has a chance to be a proficient reader by the end of third grade. She will also work to make community college affordable for every young Georgian who chooses higher education. Regina believes our young people should be equipped to meet the career challenges of the 21st Century without a massive amount of college debt holding them back. She also understands that college is not for everyone, and will also work to expand vocational education opportunities. 

Environmental Justice

Child drinking clean water

 Regina promises to push for policies that protect all Georgians equally from environmental hazards. People of color and low-income Georgians suffer disproportionately from the harmful effects of toxic pollution. Regina will fight to ensure that these communities are not targeted for landfills, truck depots, and incinerators. We all have a right to live in a clean and healthy environment with equal access to clean air, water, and land.