Issues and Priorities

Protect Working Families

Regina Lewis-Ward speaking  at community townhall

Working families keep Georgia’s economy alive, and they deserve the right to a livable wage. Household expenses, such as, student loans, groceries, or medical bills, are skyrocketing and families are choking. Protecting the working class, access to health care and jobs are top priorities. 

Invest in Education

Regina Lewis-Ward celebrates 2019 National Summer Week, Literacy Day.

 We must have a strong education system to grow our economy. Regina knows the value of a quality education, that’s why she works hard to fight for children to have a  free quality education. As your state representative, she will advocate for additional funding for long-overdue pay raises for our educators and support workers. Help to elect Regina to the Georgia state house. 

Environmental Justice

Child drinking clean water

Regina promises to support policies which lead to a better Georgia by protecting our people, air, and water from environmental hazards. 

She will fight to ensure that under-represented communities are not disproportionately impacted by building and construction projects.